Practical abaya with French silk, and for an oriental look, we added the Moroccan sash inspired by the Moroccan caftan, handcrafted in royal blue color, with the addition of colored stones on the pocket and blue lined sleeves, the abaya includes the veil

The abaya is signed by designer Iman Al-Saadi, and the quantity and sizes are limited by singularity and distinction

Sizes available are / 54, 56, 85 and quantity is limited

A detailed statement of measurements

Size: 54

Length 54 inches, chest width 20 inches, sleeve length from neck to tip 30 inches, armpit height 9 inches

Size: 56

Length 56 inches, chest width 22 inches, sleeve length from neck to tip 31 inches, armpit height 10 inches

the size ; 58

Length: 58 inch, chest width, 23 inch, sleeve length from neck to tip 32 inch, armpit height: 11 inch