A very practical and elegant abaya with French silks in black and calm violet, with luxurious oriental embroideries in off-white color. If you like soft and classic abayas, a very distinctive practical style, get this exclusive abaya. The abaya includes the scarf

The abaya is signed by designer Iman Al-Saadi, and the quantity and sizes are limited by singularity and distinction

Sizes available are / 54, 56, 85 and quantity is limited

A detailed statement of measurements

Size: 54

Length 54 inches, chest width 20 inches, sleeve length from neck to tip 30 inches, armpit height 9 inches

Size: 56

Length 56 inches, chest width 22 inches, sleeve length from neck to tip 31 inches, armpit height 10 inches

the size ; 58

Length: 58 inch, chest width, 23 inch, sleeve length from neck to tip 32 inch, armpit height: 11 inch