Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

EMOND obtains user information and uses it for the following purposes:
Improving the customer experience:
We may use the information to understand customer behavior using the services and resources provided through our website.
Improve the efficiency of our website:
At Emond we care about you and therefore we paid attention to your comments to improve our site based on what you provide to us
Improving customer service:
Based on your requests, we will provide you with products and services that exceed your expectations and with high professionalism in exchange for our experiences in the market
•  the sales:
  We use the information that customers provide to us when purchasing. Buy This information is not shared with any outside parties except in a small way
    Send a promotional email:
  Because you are part of us, we provide our new products, services and offers, and we provide you with the content of Emond magazine periodically, and you can inform us if you are not interested
Changes to this privacy policy
Emond site is free to update the privacy policy at any time and according to its discretion
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