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Organza dress

Off-white dress, soft organza, with a wide cut and a belt from the waist and adding layers of ruffles on the shoulders with hand embroidery with lulu and accessories. Buy now The number is very limited


Chest: 96 cm

Waist: 78 cm

Hip: 104 cm

Height: 155 cm

A dress with a distinctive material,

An elegant and soft dress with a beautiful and distinctive material made in Europe, get it now a unique piece


Chest: 101 cm

Waist: 83 cm

Hip: 108 cm

Sleeve length: 45 cm

Height: 150 cm

Taffeta dress

Classic and elegant Classy French taffeta dress, attractive color and bold cut

 A unique piece, buy it now


Chest: 90 cm

Waist: 78 cm

Hip: 88 cm

Height: 158 cm

Red taffeta dress

Fashionable and stylish two-piece dress with an outer belt featuring a wonderful back story Acquire now a unique piece Measurements: Chest: 90 cm Waist: 74 cm Hip: 98 cm Length: 147 cm Length of sleeves: 30 cm

A crepe dress and a piece of organza,

Exclusive piece Product code: JS503


Chest: 105 cm

Waist: 94 cm

Hip: 118 cm

Length: 150 cm

A dress with a distinctive cut and material

Special design dress Product code : N720


Chest: 100 cm

Waist: 93 cm

Hip: 113 cm

Height: 154 cm

A special design dress,

Special design Product code:N724


Chest: 91 cm

Waist: 80 cm

Hip: 107 cm

Height: 157 cm

A special design Jalabiya,

Exclusive Piece Product Code : JS508


Chest: 94 cm

Waist: 79 cm

Hip: 100 cm

Length: 150 cm

Black organza layered dress

If you are a dreamy and elegant female, you will definitely attract attention with a unique and distinctive look.
 A black dress with layers back in off-white color with soft Orangza, with a bold cut that combines simplicity and elegance

A unique piece


Chest: 86 cm

Waist: 70 cm

Hip: 99 cm

Height: 150 cm

Blouse and pants style

A modern and elegant blouse with a shawl of Turkish style, with hand-made stones around the waist

The technic is now a unique piece


Chest: 90 cm

Waist: 77 cm

Blouse Length: 65cm

Paragraph length: 100 cm

Crepe and chiffon dress

A classic cut-out dress in chiffon and French crepe, with elegant hand-work around the shoulders

Get a unique piece now


Chest: 100

Waist: 81 cm

Hip: 110 cm

Height: 155 cm

Lace dress

Be the party star in a chic French lace royal dress and show off to the crowd

The technic is now a unique piece


Chest: 84 cm

Waist: 71 cm

Hip: 95 cm

Sleeve length: 61 cm

Height: 160 cm