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Our Story

Our Story

In one of the magical nights of Ramadan in 2010 AD, that night that was planted in memory, just before the time for holding fast .. It was the moment of birth (an idea) that started with passion and love and it is just an idea

We do not know how to turn it into a beautiful reality, but with persistence and determination, we began to work seriously to convert it into a wonderful reality

And we have been working hard to open a fashion house that cares about fashion and high-end and distinctive fashions of high quality and better price

Our small house started to grow little by little, and today Emond has become a brand and is present in the digital world ..

Thank you, our creamy customers who have become my friends for your precious confidence in the continuation of Emond, and we promise you to always provide the best.

Thank you, Emond’s team, for your interest in our creamy female clients.

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